Online Training and Event Management with Actravia

Get more bookings, collect cash faster and streamline the administration of your training and events


Actravia greatly simplifies the process of selling, managing and promoting your training and events.

Actravia can be used for Training Courses, Educational Programmes, Conferences, Seminars, Social and Recreational Events.

Some of the Key Benefits:

  • Forget about telephone, email and fax bookings that take up your time and your delegates' time (and more importantly, stops some people making a booking)!  Actravia allows your customers to book and pay online instantly and simply
  • Easier booking and payment = more sales, more cash in and less time per sale - it's as simple as that!
  • You can easily set up a stand alone training and events website or incorporate Actravia into your existing website
  • Actravia supports both free events and paid events
  • Actravia easily supports the option to pay online or pay later - you decide
  • Actravia enables you to get paid via Paypal direct to your own account or add an extension to use other payment providers
  • Deposits can be taken to minimise charges while still confirming your particpants' commitment to attend
  • Open and Transparent Pricing - No fees or percentage taken per booking from you or your delegates other than the standard payment provider & merchant account fees.
  • Publish, promote and communicate your event activities via RSS, Email, Text, Facebook and Twitter
  • Actravia operates completely online - you are not tied to your desk so you can use it where and when you need it

What does Actravia Do?

Actravia is an online system that integrates seemlessly with your existing website or can be installed directly into your dotnetnuke content management system. Some of the functions of Actravia include:

  • Maintains an online catalog of event information and descriptions
  • Supports events with repeatable start dates such as scheduled training courses
  • Simple wizard booking interface allows booking for multiple registrants with configurable options (e.g. equipment hire, training materials) and different pricing models (e.g. adults, children, members, students etc.)
  • Sophisticated communications tools allow for automated notifications to be sent from the system via email or SMS to administrators and participants
  • Allows for multiple payment options including online payments, deposits, invoicing, pay on day or free registrations
  • Allows multiple payment centres for flexible payment routing
  • Maintains a database of registrants and other information
  • Post registration processing can be easily accomodated via extensions

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Key Features

  • Web based event registration
  • Installed on your own website or linked to our server
  • Customizable and Extensible
  • Dramatically improved process management
  • Online Payment Collection
  • Innovative Platform
  • Industry Standard Technology



Learn More

Simply call or email us for more information. We can talk you through your scenario and demonstrate how Actravia will work for you. Actravia provides a lot of powerful features out of the box, but can also be tailored and implemented for a wide variety of use cases.